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A summer on Mykines, Faroe Islands

A few years ago, I spent the summer on the Faroe Islands working at a small guesthouse on a remote island called Mykines. It was one of the greatest experiences I have had, and staying with a local family gave me the opportunity to see how the locals live.

The Faroe Islands is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located halfway between Iceland and Scotland. The islands belong to Denmark, but they are self-governed. They also have their own language, Faroese, which descends from Old Norse but they learn Danish and English at school and many of them are comfortable speaking Norwegian and Swedish as well.

There are about 50.000 inhabitants on the Faroe Islands, but less than 10 of them are living in Mykines village, which is the only village on Mykines. The village does have quite a few houses which are mainly used as summer houses, so the village is quite lively in the summer which was the case when I was there.

To get to and from Mykines, I had to take a boat which only runs twic…

Colours of Amman

We went on a short trip to Amman in the beginning of autumn. In fact we only had one day to discover the whole city centre, so we had to do it fast.
We started the day visiting some of the shops and a local market. I love walking around in markets, especially food markets with all the nice smells and the colours. I am a huge fan of way they sell spices in Amman, in open bags like on the picture below. It smells good and it looks lovely too.

There were plenty of shops selling colourful dresses with traditional patterns. Would've loved to try on one of those... 

Next stop was the Roman Theater. This theater is said to be from the 2nd century and is actually still being used for cultural activities, though nothing was on while we were there. 

During our time downtown, we also passed by a few umbrella streets. This one was my favourite...

Our last stop was at the Amman Citadel located on the highest hilltop in Amman, Jebel Al Qala'a. The two largest pillars on the pictures below …